Modern World History: 领导 Research Project

Here are some materials that will help you with your project.

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Research hint: develop a list of search terms and use the Advanced 搜索 feature in databases to search for your person by subject combined with one of your search terms.

Click HERE to login for passwords if you are working off campus.

B语境中的摄影: History database covering biographies across time periods.

世界历史的背景: Database with a focus on world history. 

大英百科全书传记: Simple biographies on a wide variety of people.


如何 . . .

Create parenthetical citations.

Use Padlet to organize your information.

Create a Works Cited page in Google Docs on an iPad.


Our library's book catalog.

If we don't have a book that works for you, please check out the 旧金山 Public 图书馆's catalog.

Look in the index or table of contents to find information about your subject that may relate to your topic. When searching for an author or subject sometimes it is helpful (especially in an index, 参考书目, 或者被引用的作品, 通过 姓,名.




Historic Figures from the BBC 

《电竞博彩》.com Everyone has free access from school to 《电竞博彩》.com. Use your SFPL account to access it from home.




引用建设者's free, easy-to-use citation machine.